Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many European companies are redesigning their supply chain to ensure they are less depending on the manufacturing capabilities in China. This provides unique export opportunities for Brazilian companies, building upon their competitive advantages developed at their home market. ‘Brazil going Europe’ provides a comprehensive, low risk market entry solution, supporting Brazilian companies to penetrate successfully the European market. 

Brazil, the country known for it’s carnival, football, caipirinha’s and extraordinary environmental wealth, is going through some fundamental change.  The biggest country in South America and the ninth biggest economy in the world, is historically famous for its production and export from natural resources and agricultural products. However, the country is now also rapidly developing into an industrial powerhouse with the rise of large manufacturers in the areas of automotive, steel, petrochemical, high tech, aircraft and consumer products.

Brazilian manufacturers have many advantages working for them in today’s global marketplace. Firstly, Brazilian products can meet the highest quality and safety standards in the world. Technical regulations have become increasingly sophisticated in the past few years and have been adopted intensely throughout the industrial sector. Secondly, Brazilian industry is known for a flexible attitude towards changing market conditions and is therefore used to adjust it’s business process rapidly when circumstances dictate. Last but not least, Brazilian products can be offered competitively in the marketplace due to efficient production processes, favorable labor costs and lately, a substantial exchange rate advantage. 

‘Brazil going Europe’

In a three-phase approach, ‘Brazil going Europe’, supports Brazilian manufacturers in successfully penetrating the European market. In the first phase, we ‘test the water’ through market research, webinars, social media and fairs, and determine the potential of your products in the European marketplace. In the following feasibility phase, we design the most appropriate market entry channel, supply chain and legal/fiscal set up and we pilot the solution.  Finally, in the implementation phase, we prepare and agree upon the business plan and deliverables, we implement the solution and execute the day to day operation.

The advantages for Brazilian companies are substantial; we know the market, the culture, the languages, the distribution infrastructure and the legal and fiscal demands and arrangements. Foremost, there is no need to build an owned infrastructure, thereby minimizing the upfront investment and reducing the risk substantially. For more details, see

‘Brazil going Europe’ is a joint initiative from MVAventures and MCK management consulting.

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