We believe in aligning social and environmental responsibility with sound business practices to drive profitable and lasting impact.

We help organisations take full advantage of the opportunities that arise at the intersection of technology, supply chain and sustainability.

We excel in the business of human potential and industry knowledge. We believe in its power to shape strategic, organisational, functional and economical change. Building on this ambitious theory of change, we determine what business interventions are needed along the value chain. We then work with our clients to drive these complex transformations, enabling organisations to grow, building competitive advantage, while at the same time achieving profitable and lasting impact.

MVAventures promotes transformation and accelerates progress, within private, public and non profit organisations.

Our guiding principles include :

Knowledge : we know your business, we work with industry and process experts and use advanced technology

Collaboration : we put our clients in the middle of all we do, we partner with them to achieve practical, sustainable results

Integrity : we say what we mean, matching our behaviour to our words and taking responsibility for our actions