How can we help you?

We help organisations take full advantage of opportunities that arise at the intersection of supply chain, technology and sustainability. Our expertise includes:

Value Chain Solutions

- Market analysis and research
-Multi channel sales support
- Supply chain design
- Multi-modal transportation
- Systems implementation
- Inventory management
- Network optimisation
- Procurement services

Sustainability Services

- CSRD implementation
- Double materiality assessment
- Stakeholder engagement
- Strategy development
- Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions
- Data collection and reporting
- Ecovadis certification
- CBAM calculations

Leadership Solutions

- Business consultants
- Interim managers
- Young professionals
- Executive search
- Outplacement
- Onboarding
- Workshops and masterclasses
- Assessments

What makes us different?

We believe in aligning social and environmental responsibility with sound business practices to drive profitable and lasting impact.

Our guiding principles are:


We know your business, we work with industry and process experts and use advanced technology



We put our clients in the middle of all we do, we partner with them to achieve practical, sustainable results



We say what we mean, matching our behaviour to our words and taking responsibility for our actions

Our Insights

What Makes Global Supply Chains Successful in 2024?

Supply chain leaders and Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs) are set to benefit from numerous exciting advancements in technology, providing them with opportunities to support new business models, augment and automate decision making, and foster ecosystem collaboration. But what makes Global Supply Chains successful in 2024? What are the main success drivers?

How to Drive Sustainability Through Supplier Management

Over 90% of a business’s greenhouse emissions stem from its supply chain network. Managing supply chain sustainability, therefore, is pivotal in reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint. Sustainable supplier management works to identify and mitigate sources of risk throughout the supply base and helps you drive your sustainability efforts.

AI Game-Changer For Strong Supply Chains

Even the sturdiest supply chains are vulnerable to seismic shocks, whether due to groundbreaking technological advancements, geopolitical shifts, or global crises. Amid these sources of turbulence, artificial intelligence (AI) can be a game-changer, offering a source of rapid response and sustainable solutions to keep supply chains strong.