MVAventures processes the personal data of job candidates, applicants and clients with great care and strict confidentially, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data
MVAventures collects personal data solely if this is necessary to carry out its projects and engagements: to find candidates for job vacancies, match and place job applicants, build networks (including expert networks), etc. Personal data may relate to either potential and current candidates for a position or to MVAventures business associates.

The following types of personal data are processed: details from candidates’ CVs, emails or letters, name and address details, date of birth, training and education details, current and former positions, salary details and reports of job interviews prepared by consultants. This data is stored on MVAventures secure in-house servers or on third-party servers.

Use of Collected Data
MVAventures may use personal data to which it has access by sending messages to the appropriate individuals by post, telephone or email or by contacting them personally:

  • to inform candidates about, and invite them to,
  • to inform candidates about positions currently available,
  • to send candidates newsletters and/or press releases,
  • to congratulate candidates on a new position,
  • to consult candidates on account of their specific knowledge;
  • to liaise with candidates;
  • to inform clients and business associates of news and the latest developments.

Any individual can unsubscribe if they no longer wish to receive these messages or would not like to be contacted by our company. For further information about exercising your statutory rights, please feel free to contact MVAventures +31 6 8149 4917.

Retention Period for Personal Data
When clients, business associates or candidates register with MVAventures, this generally marks the start of a long-term relationship. This means that personal data must be available for a longer period of time.
MVAventures treats all Personal Data with care and stores this data carefully and securely, until it receives a request to delete the Personal Data or if MVAventures decides to delete this Personal Data from its database.

Protecting Personal Data
MVAventures employees treat the personal data entrusted to them with the utmost care and are bound by confidentiality in relation to the confidential information entrusted to them by their client or candidate.

MVAventures uses technical and organisational security measures as effectively as possible in order to protect the Personal Data we process against infringement. We improve our security measures on an ongoing basis, in accordance with the latest advances in information and other technology.

If we detect a data breach (infringement), we will notify the individuals affected and will report the incident to the competent authorities.

Right to Access
Individuals whose Personal Data is processed are entitled to access the Personal Data we process of them.

Right to Amend or Delete
If the personal data of any individual is inaccurate or has been modified, MVAventures will correct the data on request. MVAventures will honour any requests to have their personal data deleted and will delete this data from all files and databases. We will inform the individuals concerned accordingly.

Withdrawal of Consent, Right to Objection, Restriction and Transfer
Any individual is entitled to object to their Personal Data being processed. Individuals are entitled to restrict the Personal Data processed and to have the Personal Data we store on them transferred to an affiliated entity or a data processor.

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Questions and Feedback
We regularly verify our compliance with this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact:
+31 6 8149 4917