Amsterdam, Nov 3 – During three intense days in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, Engenho Dom Tapparo was successfully launched in Europe. This manufacturer of premium Cachaca in Brazil, showed a keen interest in exporting their high quality products to the European Union. As part of the ‘Brazil Going Europe’ initiative, Dom Tapparo enjoys the full benefits of this low risk market entry solution: a minimal upfront investment combined with access to market intelligence and intimate knowledge of European culture, sales channels, distribution infrastructure and legal and fiscal demands and arrangements.

A bit of history

The production of Cachaças by Jose Tapparo started in 1978, in Mirassol Brazil. For long, the production was solely intended for private consumption for family and friends. But due to the high quality of the products, demand grew and the Engenho Dom Tapparo was founded. With his son Ademilson taking over, the production of various types of Cachaças, cocktails and liquors began and the growth of the company propelled. Currently, the company is run by the third generation of the family: Bruno, Giovanni and Breno Tapparo.

Cachaça, a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice, has approximately 500 years of history and is therefore considered the first distilled drink of the America’s. What makes Dom Tapparo unique, is their attention to detail and as a result the high quality of the products they manufacture and sell. Success in Brazil was inevitable and export to Europe was high on the wishlist. But like most medium sized Brazilian companies, they found it difficult to start. This is where ‘Brazil Going Europe’ offered help.

Full access to the European market

In a three-phase approach, ‘Brazil going Europe’, supports Brazilian manufacturers in successfully penetrating the European market. In the first phase, we ‘test the water’ through market research, webinars, social media and fairs, and determine the potential of the products in the European marketplace. In the following feasibility phase, we design the most appropriate market entry channel, supply chain and legal/fiscal set up and we pilot the solution.  Finally, in the implementation phase, we prepare and agree upon the business plan and deliverables, we implement the solution and if required, we execute the day to day operation.

The very BestofBrazil

At first, a selection of 5 Cachaças (unaged and aged on a variation of Brazilian, European and Americain wooden casks) and 5 Cachaça based liquors will be introduced to the marketplace. Furthermore, a ready to drink version of Brazils most famous Cachaça based cocktail, the Caipirinha, will be offered to the European consumers. The full range of products will be available in selected stores, bars and restaurants and can be found on . Roll out will start in the Netherlands and will be followed by Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany early next year.

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